Wind Spinner Instructions

{1} Remove your Wind Spinner from its packaging.
{2} Bend the metal rings of the Spinner by gripping the centre ring with your thumb
and forefinger. Working from the centre, gently push on the left or right side of the centre piece.
{3} Continue to push the centre face around, until it has rotated up to approximately 90 degrees from its original flat position. This process should ensure all the metal rings are bent and evenly spaced. Always push and twist the Spinner from the centre line (the strongest point).
DO NOT BEND the thinner outer edges as this will distort the metal.
{4} Hang Your Wind Spinner using the swivel hook supplied in a bright open area and enjoy!

3D Wind Spinner Instructions

{1} Arrange, spin and move the 3D pieces of the centre into place as you like.
Now refer to the instructions above to complete the set up.

If you have any troubles following these instructions, or would simply like to view some of our Spinners in action please
feel free to check our our YouTube Channel
Wind Spinner Care Instructions

Care Instructions for Stainless Steel Spinners (Non Coloured Items)

To keep your Wind Spinner clean and looking it’s best you can clean it in the dishwasher. For stubborn stains you can use a Stainless Steel creme cleanser. However if you reside close to salt water we recommend treating your Spinner with a coat of WD40, Innox or Lanolin. All items can purchased from your local Hardware store.

Care Instructions for Coloured Spinners Q & A

To keep your Wind Spinner clean and looking it’s best simply hose down or wash in warm soapy water.
Q. If your Wind Spinner doesn’t turn as well as expected?
When the wind is still, your Spinner will not turn, however, to maximize your Spinners
turning ability we suggest you hang the Spinner from the “extension” hook supplied or from one of our rotating motors.
Hanging your Spinner from the “extension” hook or a motor will allow it to spin and turn properly. The wind direction can also play a big part in your item spinning,  you may want to try different areas of the garden to ensure you make the most of your Spinners turning capabilities.
Q. Are you using a motor to turn your Spinner?
When using either one of our battery operated or solar powered motors, it is important to hook the motor directly to the Spinner either by removing the  swivel hooks or by connecting the motor to the bottom (stationary) hook.
Battery motors are not recommended for full outdoor weather.
Q. Are you connecting a few Spinners together?
It is important to connect the Spinners to each other using the lower hook or bypass the centre swivel so that the Spinners will turn simultaneously. If one Spinner turns, and the others do not, they have not been connected correctly.
The same applies if you are attaching a Spiral Tail or Wind Chime from our accessories range.

Thank You for purchasing our Wind Spinners and we hope you remember that our beautiful wind spinners make ideal gifts for all occasions.

Our Products

Market Sales

image113We will shortly be taking off on another market circuit where we will have our usual stalls selling our large range of Australian Stainless Steel wind spinners and our collections of coloured imported wind spinners. Wind spinners make ideal gifts and with the variety of creative designs and sizes we are sure you will find just what you are looking for.

Online Sales

image61214Because we have had so many requests for our wind spinners via email we decided to have an Online Store built allowing customers to purchase our products directly from our website. Our full range of wind spinners has been uploaded now and our online store is open for business. Our payment gateway will be PayPal where a customer can purchase with a PayPal account, Credit or Debit Card.

Thank you we look forward to seeing you Online or at the Markets.
Eric and Marilyn.